Cancer is a Big Business

I know this is off the subject of Achalasia but I was just reading about Cancer and saw a few of things that blew my mind.

Why a 3% Cure Rate?

Treating diseases as “chronic diseases” is a lot more profitable than curing diseases! Curing cancer patients safely with natural products would dramatically reduce the profits of the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry. Chemotherapy, for example, is highly profitable to the medical community and pharmaceutical industry, but does far more harm than good to cancer patients (with rare exceptions)!!

1. “Everyone should know that the ‘war on cancer’ is largely a fraud.”
Linus Pauling, PhD, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

2. “In 1975, the respected British medical journal Lancet reported on a study which compared the effect on cancer patients of (1) a single chemotherapy, (2) multiple chemotherapy, and (3) no treatment at all. ‘No treatment’ proved a significantly better policy for patients’ survival and for quality of remaining life.'”

I found these on

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Rainy Day

Sometimes rainy days are wonderful. Today is one of those days.
Last night after my post from out of nowhere I had a minor attack. 😦
I hadn’t done anything “wrong” to bring it on… I was in bed by 9 pm; a really exiting Sat night! Well, the good news is I’m better today, but scared to eat.

OMG This disease is a real bummer.

 I was googling Achalasia today and I found someone that has had hell beyond what I have experienced. She let a Dr. make her worse by doing surgery! She had to get another Dr. to perform a 2nd surgery to fix what the other Dr. did to her!  She used terms I have not heard and hope I never need to know. (I will google them soon I bet) I left the notes in my car…

When I was first getting sick I lost 30 lbs in a few weeks because I couldn’t keep any solids down. I was driving to work one day in my benz wearing a suit (I’m a REALTOR and that was 1987) and I threw up on my suit. That’s when I knew I had to see a Dr. I went to my Naturopathic Doctor and he sent me to a Specialist. After running some tests and many xrays I was dianosed. Then only 1 out of a million had it. Now 1 out of every 100,000 have it. Still that’s not enough people for anyone to work on a “cure”.